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Carousel Horse, Seaside, NJ


Let me tell you a little bit about China Cat 19. My first job many years ago was in a little bookstore called B. Dalton Booksellers (which has since become B&N). I worked there through High School and even though  I left to pursue a career in custom framing,  I had never lost my love of books.

I got back to bookselling eight years ago, through under the name ChinaCat_Books, and made it my side gig, partly out of necessity, and partly because of my love of books! 


I am also artist, mostly in watercolor, but I use Pixelmator, a computer graphics program similar to Photoshop to create many of my designs.


There is a link to my Etsy shops in the menu above featuring: 


China Cat Vintage Books -The products on my site are a collection of ephemera, old books and blasts from the past.

China Cat Crafts -notebooks, pencil pouches, studio bags, and totes with my art and classic art like the art of Monet, MC Escher, Klimt and I'm adding to that list every week. If you want to see a certain artist (from before 1929)write me a not on my contact page.

Creative Art Templates -Excel sheets to manage your small business 

I hope you like the products I have to offer here and feel free to contact me with any questions.

I will also be blogging on various subjects from eCommerce to Pixelmator, or watercolor painting 


                J.M Perkins

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