Creative Face Coverings

Now that the CDC is recommending cloth face coverings, here are a few guidelines from their website on how to wear a cloth face covering, and in this Printable PDF the CDC has 3 different Patterns on how to make your own-

You can also find some really good YouTube tutorials on the subject-

If you're not a sewing wiz and want to create something that has multiple uses, think about maybe using a tube scarf, (AKA neck gaiter)

This type of face covering is not multi-layered, but it does lessen the risk that you will infect others in the event that you are asymptomatic. And remember- always stay 6 feet apart!

Here's how to get started making a neck gaiter!

Go to Printful's Print on Demand site

This will bring you directly to Neck Gaiters/ Masks. Printful has emojis text and clip art to use or use your own artwork/designs. You can find more resources at Canva and RawPixel

I hope this information is helpful and keeps everyone safe. And remember- Stay Home!

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